The Temple Mount Yeshiva

From destruction – to construction

The Temple Mount Yeshiva provides light refreshments and quenches the thirst of those ascending the Mount. Like Elkana in his time, the Temple Mount Yeshiva works to accustom the House of Israel to the place chosen by G-d, like Nakdimon Ben Gurion.

The students of the Temple Mount Yeshiva are your emissaries and the representatives of all of us at the site of the Temple.

Dozens of yeshiva students are visiting the Temple Mount every day in holiness and ritual purity, like the Israelites in their status.

Students of the Temple Mount Yeshiva are studying at the site. They sit at its gates and guide those ascending to it regarding its statutes and laws, and avoid the boundaries of the forbidden areas on the Temple Mount, like the Levites in their duty.

The students study the laws of the Temple service. There they read the orders of the sacrifices in their proper time, like the Kohanim in their service.

After nearly 2,000 years of destruction, in which the streets of Zion were in mourning, absent of pilgrims

The voice of the Torah is again sounded on our Temple Mount, and we are seeing the realization of “Return us to You, G-d, that we may return.”

We have merited to establish a yeshiva for Temple studies on the Temple Mount!

I wish to

Be partners in establishing the Torah at Mount Moriya
from which shall come forth Torah!

To donate by telephone 073-22-11-552

It is possible to send checks for

“The Temple Mount Yeshiva”

P.O. 57104, Jerusalem, Israel

We pray for free for all those asking regarding: “Any plague, any sickness. Any prayer, any supplication, made by any person, any of Your people Israel.”

The students of the yeshiva standing at the House of G-d will pray for you at the holy site that is the most suited for having prayer accepted. As it is written: “That Your eyes may be open toward this house night and day, toward the place that You said ‘My Name will be there,’ to hear the prayer that Your servant will pray toward this place. And You shall hear the supplication of Your servant and of Your people Israel that they will pray toward this place.”

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The yeshiva is under the recommendation and guidance of:

HaGaon HaRav Dov Lior, Shlita

HaRav Yisrael Ariel, Shlita

HaRav Yehuda Kroizer, Shlita